Sandersons Wooden Bowls

Do you have a piece of wood with sentimental value that you'd like to turn into a treasured gift? There's nothing as special as a hand crafted custom wood gift made from your own wood.

What kind of wood can be carved into a custom wood gift? Just about any kind! Some of our customers have sent us wood because:

  • The tree that grandpa planted was going to be cut down and they wanted heirloom gifts for the grandkids
  • A tree in their yard needed to be cut down but they wanted to preserve the memory
  • A special tree on their land came down in a storm
  • They found a pretty piece of wood and wanted to do something with it
  • They saved an old barn beam from the barn on their parents' homestead
  • They had a fence post from their childhood home that had sentimental value

At Sanderson's Wooden Bowls, we can transform your wood into a custom wooden bowl, wooden pen, vase, bottle stopper, and more. Larger pieces of wood are ideal for bowls, but even small pieces of wood can be turned into a pen, thin vase, or wine bottle stopper.

Please contact us to see how we can turn your piece of wood into a hand crafted custom gift of heirloom quality.

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